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SplatAttack.com Paintball Gear Superstore Established 1996

Domestic Shipping (48 Contiguous States - U.S.A.): All Ground orders placed before 3:30pm Standard Time (EST) and all Air orders placed by 2:30pm Standard Time (EST), will ship the same day. This excludes weekends and shipping holidays. Orders placed on a weekend or shipping holiday will ship the next business day, unless additional information is required. Shipping estimates begin the day after your order is shipped and also excludes weekends and shipping holidays. For example, a 2-Day Air order shipped on Thursday will be delivered the following Monday.

*FREE SHIPPING OFFER: All Domestic orders of $99.99 or more, qualify for FREE Ground delivery, or just $5 for 2-day FedEx delivery - your choice. Offer valid for U.S. customers only, excluding Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands (only in the continuous 48 States). For International Shipping, see the International Shipping Rates.

Extra Options: Saturday delivery is available for Overnight shipping on the 48 contiguous States (U.S.A) . The charge for this option is an extra $12.50 handling fee.

FPO/APO mailing addresses: SplatAttack.com is able to ship to Military addresses via Priority Mail and Express Mail only. Unfortunately, due to shipping restrictions to Military addresses, any shipping promotions regularly offer are excluded for Military addresses.

International Shipping Rates: Contact Us with details of the destination of the package (i.e. Country, City, Region postal Code, any special instructions or restrictions to the delivery, etc.), so that we can give you a quote and shipping options available for the specific place where you live, as this varies per Country and area whithin the Country.

Note on paintballs: When ordering patinaballs, they can be ordered but themselves (like 1 box for example), or in a combined order or other items, however, the shipping might be separated by us for the paintballs to be shipped separately, and subject to use a different shipping service of our decision, because of the high shipping charges tht shipping companies charge foe such heavy itmes. A "regular" box of paintballs (2000 pinatballs in it) has an average weight of 14.5 to 15 pounds, plus they have to be put inside another box - which makes it already at an average of about 16 pounds per each box of paintballs. For this reason, for orders where FedEx® and UPS® shipping is selected (or other shipping companies or services that may charge high for this), but where other, rather light itmes are purchased too in the same order, we will to ship you the main items with your chosen shipping service, but we reserve the right to ship the paintballs on a separate shipment and/or with a separate, rather "standard" rate/shipping serice, otherwise, the price for shiping each box of paintballs can be easilly $25 to $50 for each paitball box you order (depending on the shipping service or shipping company). That is not to our control, but a price that they charge us. So this being said, if we are asked to send everything toghther in an order made with let's say FedEx® for example, and where items like a paintball gun, a maks, a tank and 1 or 2 paitball boxes, and the shipping reflected in the shoping cart and order confirmation reflects something rather low (paintballs not calculated correctly perhaps) then we reserve the right to charge any additional shiping to make for the difference according to what the shipping company charges us. In this case, of course, if it were ever going to happen, the we would definitely always contact you first to let you know about it and for your aproval or selection of othr options - before any additional charge is made to you /your credit card, or money requested via other payment of your choice.